I’m sitting here in New Orleans; you will be back soon
Surrounded by pictures of history, my history in Rome
I rejoice in them, they bless me at unscheduled times
Some of you are in them and now you’ve done Rome again

I remember and rejoice with you; it is an absolute treat
To walk and talk and listen; to the sounds on Roman streets
We walked from the Coliseum; to the Wedding Cake
Everyone rejoiced; see the way the sunlight streams through the trees

We learn a lot from travel; it is college on the hoof
Seeing how the world changes; and yet is still the same
The challenges are many; I relish each one
Time often stands still; until the trip is done

Tomorrow will be another day; who knows what will be
The pictures I have taken; will stay and comfort me
They hold precious memories; wonderful friends
Pictures of Rome enable me to live this trip again

Clay Corvin