Expect the best each breath you take
Honor God with your life
Build a life that stands by faith
Jesus will guide your day

Christ is in control
Not waiting for our okay
He knows our ins and outs
Jesus is always the same

Fear is not an option
His presence gives us strength
So we can walk with eyes of faith
We see His promises coming our way

Others see the stand you take
They see His strength in you
This encourages them to see
Jesus will see us through

Claiming all that Christ can give
Requires our daily focus
Grabbing hold of all His Word
Praising His presence in us

Honor God with your life
His promises are never old
Walk His way each moment, each day
Discouragement will run away

Expect the best each breath you take
Your life belongs to Christ
He will live inside of you
His life no fear can shake

Clay Corvin
February 8, 2008