Friendship is descriptive of him, gives his all to others, he is a friend of God
A servant complete, living at Jesus feet, powerful in God’s Word
Bending his knee to be heard, humility is a trait, kindness is his way

Biblical scholar seeking to help others grow in the Christ and His Word
Teaching as one who knows Jesus personally, sacrificing his life for Christ
His journey consistent as one who is faithful and true

His family central to his life, a wife dearly beloved
Two Godly sons he lives close to, they love him and he loves them
A man who is an example that can be followed, teachable and good

His life had so many options, yet he was always faithful in Christ
Choosing to be the one God could use, walking with Jesus each day
His journey continues, Christ is his Lord, Jesus guides his way

Clay Corvin


An attorney of note, capable and strong, well known and honest
Wise as a lawyer, wise as a child of God, he serves the Lord in all he does
Committing his practice to Christ, his work for the Lord a major part of his life

Loving parent with many kids, more grandchildren than is easy to count
Loves each one, devoted to his wife, a privilege to see what the Lord has done
In this life committed to family and the Son, Jesus is the center for him

There is a joy in his life, he freely gives to all, and includes others in
Gentle and strong, wise and able, quick to fix a wrong
He is the kind of man who gives all of his self to Christ

A legal eagle, an eagle for Christ, strong in sacrifice
Giving his time, giving his life, in pursuit of the Lord’s way
His life is valuable to Jesus, he gives of himself each day

Clay Corvin

William (Bill)

He is a scholar of world renown, and known as a pastor by friends
Serving Jesus in every area of his life, a committed son of the King

His heart is strong, he loves Jesus and shows by everything he does
Beloved by students, a teacher of note, he gives all he has to God

Searching the details, he works with the Word, developing learning texts
Patient and caring, he works his way, to teach others Christ’s way

Godly husband, loving parent, a family closely knit
He is committed to doing God’s best with each opportunity he gets

Faithful in his heart, at home and work, his life aligned with Christ
Strength in his journey, the Lord has his heart

Clay Corvin


We are honored to know this quiet man, one of God’s beloved ones
Organized in all he does, faithful in his work and life
Hard worker, good husband, loving parent, a person to be admired

Each day seeking to serve, his heart is molded by Jesus
He is thoughtful of others, and kind to all
Helpful, loyal and trustworthy

What a joy to see his life, the way the Lord uses him
A man without evil or strife, open and patient in Christ
His life is a testimony to the activity of God in us

Clay Corvin


A man with a swagger, committed to Christ, a hard working servant
Competent, and quiet, quick to serve and never quits
Great skills surrendered and sacrificed, Jesus is his life

Faithful, loving husband, committed to his wife
Loving parent, close to his children all their life
A man refined by Jesus, caring and strong, a giving life

Wise in his work, able and kind, Jesus always on his mind
Thoughtful, patient and quiet, he does not demand the spotlight
His life in Christ is a blue print that yields a Godly life

Clay Corvin