Amazing Grace echos in my soul
As a song it is my favorite
My fear O God as I follow you
Bad things that happen to good people

I cry out properly
Pleading the cause
Yet you do not hear
Frustration is rampant

Many of us experience evil and even do it
We cry why God
When evil happens to us
Why me Lord?

We are living in difficult times
Injustice, evil reign supreme
From the Holy, loving God no answer
Why aren’t things done my way?

We look in a mirror
Seeing our reflection
We declare this is God
Seeking to make God in our image

God is in control and we aren’t
We do not know His ways
He calls us to trust Him
Especially when it seems unprofitable

God is at work in our life
To accomplish His good end
Seldom will we understand His work
We can’t even understand ourself much less God

God is unhurried
Time does not constrain Him
His judgment and justice will come
At the time God chooses

We can praise our wonderful good God
He is our salvation and strength
He gives us His peace and joy
In that day we will see Him and be like Him

Clay Corvin 4 December 2010