Celebration is in order
Forty-two years elapsed
Time spent together
Better than forty-one

Another year to thank you
Another time to rejoice
You are blessing me with your presence
I am better because you care

On this day I thank my Lord
For giving you to me
Through thick and thin, good and bad
You have completed me and I am glad

We are ordinary people
With an extraordinary journey
A journey of delight with challenges for sure
Each one dealt with and we continue on

Today is the first day of the rest of our life
Thank you for everyday of this life
You are a treasure, a blessing
My soul mate, my partner

My prayer for you is that this will be the best
Not as good as forty three
Joy and peace for the coming year
I love you and rejoice that you are near

Clay Corvin Celebrating 42 years of marriage to Carol Corvin
September 14, 2010