Know the Lord in fullness
He loves you
Pouring out grace and mercy
Giving you His power to live life
Equips you to be like Christ

Knowing is a journey
Purposeful and true
Look in the mirror
Does God see you?

Let your heart be cleansed
By a faithful attention to His Word
A Godward life depends totally on God
A Godward life depends on you

Master your passions
They will deceive you
Surrender to Jesus
Everything you do

Stay in the fight
It is a battle to the last
Victory is won the first day
Victory is for those that last

Recognize how important
Obedience is for you
Everything you say and do
God knows you

Love your neighbor as yourself
Love Christ with the things you do
This is your journey
Let the Lord be alive in you

Clay Corvin January 22, 2011