Jesus is the focus of my life
Spending time with Him is joy
Calming the heart and soul
A conversation thru His Word
Writing it upon my heart
The Holy Spirit ministers to my need

Following Jesus is an activity not a thought
It results in obedience
Doing what He says
Applying His Word to my life
He makes a difference in how I act
I am in the process of changing into Christ likeness

I give Him my time
There is so much to do
The harvest is plentiful but the harvesters are few
My money belongs to Him
Generosity is a way of life
I live to serve Christ my Lord

My belief in Jesus changes the way I do things
I pray for those that abuse me
Forgive the unforgiveable
Serve the thankless
Stand with those in need
I am becoming less like the world and more like Jesus

I live a confident life
My heart belongs to Christ
This world cannot destroy me
Whether I am down or up Christ is Lord
Whether I win or lose Jesus has the victory
Nothing can separate me from the love of Christ

Clay Corvin February 5, 2011
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