Crying out Lord why, I station myself to watch, to see what the Lord will do
How can He deal with evil, this place of tears and woe, evil shows
Good is bad, and right is wrong, people openly defying God, is there no fear?

I’m listening, listening, listening, a word, a sound, a direction
Spying out God from my quiet place, a watcher on the wall, I’m waiting
God speaks, it caught me off guard, He didn’t answer me, God directed me

Tell it, tell it all, in letters big and tall, even the runner can see
The JUST shall live by faith, friends with Christ, every step protected
His hands on my life, His heart calms my strife, eternity visiting me

His right, my sight, responding to my Father, He loves me
His righteousness, a grace gift to me, assuring me
My life, your life, is valuable, because we belong to Him

Live, He promises life to us, now, tomorrow, eternity
Live by faith, His plans, His love, His power
Hang on, Jesus will show you the way, wait upon the Lord

The JUST shall live by faith, never doubt in the dark
What Christ has said in the light
No matter the storm or plight, We will survive, firmly anchored to Christ

Clay Corvin July 28, 2012