Once a chaotic life, filled with vagaries and fear of the future, then Jesus came looking for me
I remember the good old songs and stories, life was better then, heartache so far away
He saved my soul, Christ made me whole, His love overwhelmed me

It was an exciting time, I spoke to everyone, my life was brand new
God’s Word lit up my heart, His strength cleansed my soul, I was on fire for Jesus
Great and mighty is our God, His wonders to behold, write them down they will free your soul

Day by day life wore me down, His activity in me seemed so far away, one day like another
The ordinariness of life overwhelmed me, my prayers no longer reached the sky, Lord help me
Sin creeps, my heart is weak, excuses gain control, where did I go wrong

I know in my heart what has happened, I have sinned and walked away from God
He is still my Father, I am still His child, woe is my life, strength gone, sin has a toe hold
Repent child, turn back to God, PEACE like a river restoring your soul, Jesus in control

His love is remembered, His presence sought, time with Jesus refocuses my walk
Talk and think and live in Christ, striving to surrender my life, Jesus LOVES me
Life wore me down away from Jesus, Christ encourages me, HOPE and FAITH renew me

Clay Corvin 8/25/12