Peace requested, peace proclaimed
All around revile His name, there is no peace without Jesus
He is peace, peace is one of His gifts to His children
The Lord is not short of peace, mankind seeks for peace
Refusing to acknowledge Christ the Lord, the search will always fail

See the cities soaked in blood, the babies littering boot hill
Nations war with instant death, exclaiming it’s for our health
Who knew I needed their pain, my life creates enough for me
Jesus said His burden was light, He gives the gift of real life
Undergirded with peace, Jesus sets the captives free

All the wise want to control God, listen to what they say
Everything that is good for us, comes from edicts they play
This is good and that is bad, Has God really said
Listen my friend, GOD has spoken in Christ
Today He seeks you, one day He will return with judgment

Peace requested, peace offered in Jesus name
Christ will change your heart, your life belongs to Him
No longer at the mercy of the world, this life is passing fast
Jesus will equip you to live, meaning and value from Him
Every day we walk His way, we are one day nearer to the Lord

Clay Corvin August 31, 2012