O God heal my lying lips, my heart is hard, I protect myself
Failure never my fault, it’s him or her, my upbringing
Never would I admit, mean spiritedness, selfish devotion to sin
It’s always someone else, never me, can’t you see how I’m wronged?

Lying tongue be quiet, God speaks, it is your fault
Where you walk, who you are with, selfishness is a false foundation
Addiction is a convenient way to disavow responsibility, it must be something else
You live in a world bent on disaster, you cause you pain, bend your knee in Jesus name

Woe is me, can I get an amen, don’t you know my hard story?
Judgment comes without my plea, God knows the truth, my heart is hard and cold
Jesus can set you free, He loves you and me, claim Christ’s gift-a warm heart that’s free
O Lord I need you, you are the only way to be free, Come Lord Jesus and deliver me

Clay Corvin 9/8/12