Problems all around, I try to fix them but fail
Chaos reigns and it seems as if I’m at war, my heart sinks, will things ever change?
Just when everything is right, everything goes wrong, over and over again
All of my life the solution has been just ahead, 16, 21, college, marriage, a child, a job

Jesus has the answer, He brings peace from God to troubled lives, He shed His blood for me
Died on the cross for me, raised by the power of God to set me free, His love changes me
Life will still have its ups and downs and challenges will never cease
But Jesus brings God’s peace to me, His hand a calming touch

Christ changes the setting for mankind, His gift brings God to us
What we have been looking for all of our life, we find in Jesus
Peace with God, no longer at war, we belong to Him, Jesus is Lord of our life
No more separation, He has reconciled us to the Father; we are part of God’s family

We can talk with the Father, Christ lives in our heart, and the Holy Spirit guides us
Jesus is our focus, we rejoice in Him, know Him, worship Him, serve Him
His love guides us to care for others, we love because we are loved
Surrender and obedience our charge, Peace real peace is in our life

Clay Corvin 7/21/12