Once I was dead, now I’m alive, Jesus rescued me
His blood was shed, His body dead, The Father raised Jesus from the dead
Now at the right hand of the Father, Jesus is alive and leading me

First Christ brought me near, near to Himself and near to the Father
He sent the Holy Spirit to be by my side, the Lord guides me
To the pathways I should walk, In the way that I should live

Jesus made peace for me with the Father; I am no longer at war with God
No longer excluded from God’s family, I am a child of God
Grafted into His family, Jesus is my elder brother, God is my Father

Peace leads me to care, His peace equips me to share
I am loved and filled with care, Jesus meets my every need
A dead and dying world, Christ sends me to be His hands and feet, telling all I meet

I am in Christ, He is in me, loneliness is long gone
I know Him, daily I seek to know Him better, my focus is on Christ
Gentleness a new found trait, His peace guards my heart

Anxiety banished, I go to Christ with all of my needs
He listens to me; Jesus gives me wisdom, mercy and grace
I give my worries to Him, Christ welcomes me in

Everyday I consider His ways, I meditate on His Word,
My life is hidden in Christ with God, the world cannot control me
Everyday in a multitude of ways, Jesus outfits my soul
Clay Corvin 7/21/12