Zechariah busy, he had felt the Word
God spoke, repent was His call
He was angry, man continued to sin
Even when God took care of them, idols were their friends
Refusing to acknowledge the creator, they loved their selfish ways
Mankind was evil, they did everything their way

Worldly customs, worldly ways
People listening to old wives tales, made up foolishness
Suffering and dying, going to hell, no one heard the Way
All because God’s children failed to tell, the Gospel story
God is love, He loved man so much that He gave His only Son
All mankind had to do, believe in Jesus and walk God’s way

The truth is, God’s way is the better way
He knows what we will face, Jesus will prepare us each day
A light for our path, a guide for our heart
We will know the truth, freedom will rule in our heart
There is a way that we should walk, Jesus will take us that way
He will equip us to love our neighbor as ourselves, to love God with all of our heart

When we love God, we will obey Him
We will care for the hurting, we will listen to His Word
Wickedness will no longer be our way, Jesus will forgive us and take us God’s way
Jesus will give us His righteousness, His power, His peace
Fellowship, relationship and joy will be the norm
Troubles will no longer rule our life, Jesus will be our strength

Clay Corvin
July 10, 2010