God isn’t like us, He cares for us
He chose to care, He chose to love because He wanted to

Surprising love, totally underserved
Enables us to fellowship, With God and with each other

Seeking love looking for us, drawing us to Him
Back to Him, Even when we abuse our relationship which we do often

Selfless love, Caring for us as we ignore Him
We rebel against God/Jesus/Holy Spirit, Our rebellion hurts His heart

Saving love, Jesus died for our sin, Forgiving us and cleansing us from sin
Giving us a new heart, bestowing upon us His own Holiness, making us new

Sustaining love, It takes care of our past, present and future
God will not let me go, God loves me, God is love

My response to God, Only because His love enables me to respond
Love God and each other, God’s love is eternal

Clay Corvin July 3, 2010