We look for the things that affirm us
Seeking to be recognized and loved
We work to be or not to be
Life is journey

Some fall by the wayside
Confused about the trip
They think and plot to out do the lot
Sinking before they can swim

Others are smarter than the Eternal
Looking through eyes of privilege
Assuming their trip will be their way
One day they will experience the end of it

The vast majority of souls that are born
Suffer with life and never experience any form of abundance
This may be ninety per cent of the peoples of the world
They bow their head and shield their heart their life simply endured

The journey is a promise from the Lord our Creator
He seeks the best for each of us loving us as His best
He knows first hand the suffering we will endure
He is willing to walk with us sharing our load until the end of our life

He is always thinking about you
His concern is for your life now and in eternity
Jesus will not leave you nor will He let you despair
Jesus will save us from ourselves and give us life now and there

Clay Corvin
June 26, 2010