Paul called us to be like Christ
Jesus in dwelling filling our life
Christ is the one and only
Living Son of God

Jesus gives us encouragement
He calms the sea that seeks our life
Jesus will sit with us and see us through
Lord of Lord and King of Kings cares for you

The victory is won
The Son has done
The work we need to make us one
Filled with Jesus , He is Lord of life

We are passing through
This place is not my home
I am here for a little while more
Then I will go to be with the Lord

Christ controlled life
Teaches us what to do
Jesus is life and light
He will shine thru you

Serve those you see
Bend your knee
Jesus is Lord
We serve

Life will be gone all too quick
Fellowship with Jesus fixes us
He points out our sin and calls us to repent
He gives of His grace and equips us for peace

Clay Corvin