Look and see, where are you? Is Jesus Lord of your life
It is a choice, we have to make, choosing Christ’s way each day
The Old Ways, God’s way and God’s Word
Overlooked by the world, set aside as worn and foolish
Don’t make the mistake the world makes, the Old Way is the right way

The way of sensitivity to God’s Word, thus saith the Lord
God is God and there is no other, He knows the end from the beginning
Jesus died for our sin, we have asked Him to save us
He has a plan for our life, the Holy Spirit leads us in His living Word
Jesus is the Way, the truth and the life, delight in God’s Word and be free

The Old ways, God’s way and God’s Word
They never change, it is truth without error
His ways fix our ways, the Lord is in control
But we walk our way, drifting, drifting
Casually we freeze up, we wonder why sin is eating our soul

Choose to sacrifice, the Lord will not make us give
Greedy for gain, filled with evil and pain their hearts like a rock
The lust of greed filled with seed, sucking into its realm
Value in things, no life just pain and heartache always near
Give and give your things away, HELP someone today

Seriously look at your sin, don’t make excuses for them
We’ve lost the ability to blush, we’ve drifted and drifted from God
We cannot sense His presence, He hates sin
His holiness destroys sin, we have chosen war with Him
Saved but singed, we wink and blink and nod, sin offends God

What will you do? He is talking to you
They chose to ignore God, their prophets and priests incompetent
What are you demanding of yourself? Pray to get your life back on track
Walk with God, Give until you can give no more and then give more, blush at sin
Claim the old ways, stop drifting away from God

Clay Corvin,, July 17, 2010