Heartache, pain, the world rocking your life?
Every step you make, every breath you take
Chaos aplenty, failure and despair reign
Your anxiety seldom ceasing, always challenging you
What do you do? Put your eyes on Jesus

We are buried with Christ in baptism, raised in newness of life
Lies resound “you are forgotten,” “you’ve been abandoned”
Mental tapes remind you of every failure
You are hidden with Christ in God, He will never leave youJesus is seeking you, Put your eyes on Jesus

Jesus is seated at the right hand of God, now, always
Look up where your salvation resides, in Christ, He is our Savior
Look up, set your affections on things above, let go of the world
Set aside the lust of the flesh, bend the knee to Jesus
Put your eyes on Jesus, never look away

Give your heart to Jesus, He is there for you
Salvation is for right now, we belong to Him
Jesus never hides from you, He is here now
Reaching out to you, He knows the troubles you have
Put your eyes on Jesus, spend time with Him

Feet on the Earth, mind on Christ, keeps you growing in Jesus
You are just passing through, this world is not your home
Your home is in heaven, you will live there with Jesus
When you are absent from the body, you will be present with Christ
Put your eyes on Jesus, no one can destroy you

Earthly things aren’t all bad, we live here, but not for long
Jesus calls us to be different than the world, be salt and light
Model the character of Christ, Jesus is God’s everything
Distractions are Satan’s weapons, what we think matters
Put your eyes on Jesus, let Him control your mind

Put your hope in Jesus, He will never fail you, Christ is your life
Everything changes when your hope is in Jesus, He cares for you
When He comes back, you will be with Him, nothing can destroy you
Keep your eyes on Jesus, He is Lord of all, He loves you
Put your eyes on Jesus, He is our hope

Clay Corvin November 11, 2020