PSALM 119:97-104

Psalm 119:97-104 THINK ABOUT IT!

I love God’s Word, its depth and completeness
I’m reminded I need to think about it, contemplate it
Meditate on the Word, let it soak into my mind and my heart
Jesus, Jesus, Jesus, prophesied in the Old, expounded in the New
Christ is my Savior the Bible explains Him Genesis to Revelation

Holy, holy, holy, God’s Word says to you, walk this way, it is life
Talk this way, you will grow, behave this way wisdom will be revealed to you

His Word instills jealousy for God, it seeps into your pores, capturing your soul
When others deny, disparage and gloat; you feel the pain of evil, God is in control

The Word is promise built, one word upon another, God the author
He will not ignore nor change a single word He knows the end from the beginning

The more I read it, the longer I meditate upon it, it grabs my inner being, my soul
God is in control, He is in control of me, His Word instills obedience in me

I cannot tolerate the false way, sin seeks to deceive and seduce us, I will not
His Word gives us the wisdom we need to walk in Christ’s footsteps
We learn His way, we listen to His voice, His Word is strong and sure
The wisdom of all ages is waiting for us, our Father gives it freely, ask and receive
Today is God’s day, I am breathing His air, I love His Word, a blessing to me

Clay Corvin October 19, 2020
Northport, Alabama