Today, sin is forgotten, sin from our past not counted
Judgment an idea that is seen as passe, this is a new day!
Ah, but God’s Word says: everyone will die
Everyone will be held accountable, we cannot change that

The World had a beginning, it will have an ending
God says at the end there will be judgment
People who live as if there is no judgment are fools
There is nothing more certain than judgment

From His Holy Temple our God, the only true God
“Hear folks, all of you, this is a wake up call
Judgment is coming swiftly and is in process
Beginning with my people”

Constantly God’s Word is going forth
Even now exacting judgment, His judgment is in process
God is active in the affairs of the nations
He is coming in judgment and no one is exempt

God is a God of mercy, but something terrible has happened
No more waiting, God’s patience is over, Yahweh is on the move
Mountains are melting like water, God is moving in the World
Mankind’s sin is serious, God is slow to wrath, sin causes Him to act

We need to take sin seriously, grace expands God’s judgment
Sin can be forgiven, but people ignore God and sin explodes
Our God is a God of love, A God of mercy
He is being stirred to wrath, He has no choice but judgment

God is sovereign, He has control over all creation
People count with God, He sent Jesus to die for our sin
His death paid a price we cannot pay, providing a gift we cannot earn
New life in Christ, a new heart, a new mind, a new master

God does not count with mankind, ignorance and ignominy rule
Sin abounds, evil controls, people disavow any knowledge of the Almighty
Which does not change the fact that God is in control
It simply brings judgment, this is a desperate situation, we need to listen

We must take judgment seriously, listen to what the Lord has to say
Listen to the Lord, let Him have your heart, listen to the Lord
He is coming even now in judgment
What will you do? Choose the Lord, turn to Jesus

Clay Corvin October 10, 2020