Looking at the Western Wall
I see the pain and grief
Etched in the ancient stones
Man’s love and relief

Willing all these ages
To stand and seek God’s face
Coming to the Western Wall
And celebrate disgrace

Failure for the people
Failure for the world
To hate another people
Slavery is their world

So many people
Hated so much
Jesus comes with care and love
“I died for you because I love you”

How can we atone?
What can we say?
Hands and feet speak loudly
Care for their disgrace

Listen as they say it
Accept them as friends
Remember our real foe
And evil will never win

This is the day that the Lord has made
Pray for all you see
Care for their heartache
Pray that they will be free

Jesus is real freedom
Remember He loves you
And you and I are servants
So that the world will know too