Soon we will see Megiddo
Head of the Jezreel
A place of many battles
Civilizations lived and died here

So many armies
So much trade
Consumer wealth exploited
Evil men raged

The stage is set for one day
The mountain will be the stage
Armageddon will come exploding
The world is center stage

Nations will reason with logic
Politicians will explain
Why we must go fight there
To die on evil’s day

Logic will get you in trouble
When dealing with spiritual things
The Lord of all creation
Speaks in mysterious ways

Note that He has led us
Jesus is always the same
When we love those around us
We are honoring Christ’s name

Handling others with kindness
Dealing with respect
Equips us to serve God’s creation
Let’s us represent His love

Christ will come in a moment
Armageddon will fit some way
But you and I are servants
Living our lives today

CC 3/21/05