One, two, three-We go today
Jerusalem’s gates just miles away
The city of the great King
The city of the Lord
Jerusalem we hear you
Now we come with one accord

We want to see the stones
That took the prophets lives
To see the place where Jesus died
The ground on which he was crucified
Reaching out to each of us
With healing in His hands-Jesus saves

Ahead of us the gates have stood
So many years they’ve testified
Evil men have ruled this place
One day soon the King returns
Jerusalem will live again
The place the great King rules

Listen as they testify
The hills sing of His love
Look and see the sky above
It waits for His return
Speak to me Lord Jesus
Heal my broken life

Let me be your mouthpiece
And tell of your love for me
I’m willing to live my life
So that others might be free
Speak through me
My life belongs to you

CC 3/20/05