Sacrifices one and all
Pagans worshipped here
Holy Headland by the Egyptians
Even the Romans came
Elijah faced the Baalist
They were so extreme

Cried out to their idols
They were on the pot
Elijah challenged their ethics
God disrupted their plot
Elijah wet the wood
The Father sent the fire

Muhraqa are you listening?
The world has moved
Divine Lord has visited you
Creator Christ has touched
This world we love so much
Letting us know He loves

This is not the final place
We are covered by His grace
Every day is new
The Father will see us through
Even when we fail
His love will prevail

Stand up to your evil
Give the Lord your heart
Let Him have your weakness
Surrender your plans
Serve Him with zest
And Christ will live through you

CC 3/20/05