Enter through the Gate of the Wind
Into a place where pilgrims have been
For many thousand years
Why would Jesus come here?
A pagan place for godly retreat
Yet Jesus spoke with living men
The Father crowned Him for them
“My beloved Son”

What can we learn?
So much to know
Moses and Elijah living
It appears so
They were there with Jesus
Talking of the way
The Father would soon lead Him
The cross was the only way

The Father has a plan
Extending out to us
His plan includes our service
To those that we see
Telling of the Gospel
Jesus alive in me
Equipping me for service
Reminding me I’m free

We know the truth
Jesus is Lord
We count
Others do too
The Lord of all is concerned for all
Calling us to tell them
Do not forget their need
Heaven will be pleased

They have free choice
We must tell
Then the Holy Spirit
Will lead them out from hell
Straight to the Savior
The price is prepaid
If they reach for Jesus
Salvation will be complete
CC 3/20/05