Looking up from Silwan
Straight at David’s place
The Holy Ark was lodged here
Also David’s disgrace

Saint and sin lived within
David’s city grew
Israel split
Who knew?

So much history
Forgotten for 2,000 years
Many thought Jerusalem
Was always on top of the hill

If Jesus tarries
No one will remember me
But heaven knows
What I think and plan and see

The Lord is not forgetful
Salvation is a gift
The Lord has called me to service
Not to sit and moan and live

Life is a call to service
Freedom equips me to give
Giving is the foundation
Of learning how to live

David wrote about this
He was a man of God
But he was just like us
Maybe the difference is he trusted God

So every time David faltered
He got on his knees
And when he rose to service
He was confident God was pleased

Do you trust the Savior?
Do you think Christ can use you?
Spend time with my Jesus
And do and do and do!
CC 3/22/05