Zechariah was a priest
Who served the Lord well
Walked from Ein Karem
Each time his service fell

Barren for a long time
An angel came to tell
God had answered his prayer
John would be his son

I like Ein Karem
Nestled on a hill
Just a few miles from Jerusalem
This story unfolded here

Unbelief was the cause
Zechariah suffered vocal loss
Everyone was stunned
Six months more

His name is John
Zechariah learned God’s rule
When God says you can do it
It is easier to follow through

There it is today
An European scene
Much different than when John came
But today evil is still the world’s king

The spiritual realm speaks to us
Listen, listen hard
You have a gift to be used
Give your life to God

Jesus brings His plan for you
Provides the strength to see you through
Equipping you to do
His victory covers you
CC 3/22/05