Yogi Berra noted that you can observe a lot just by watching
Venice can be like that, every block shifting, so when you go back it isn’t there
Mists and fog and unique streets seem as though there is always a block missing
But you are there and you see this and feel this and will always know the meaning

Life is so much like that, we have a handle on it and then the implement changes
There is a new challenge, unknown and foreboding willing to knock us down
So we surrender the moment to Jesus, confessing our weakness, Lord help us
What has and is may not be and yet Jesus is always the same

A new day in Venice, Bridge of Sighs, Council of Ten, Dogis’ Palace
So many new things to see and do, and probably even get lost a time or two
Hope is still there, we will sit down with Jesus one day and we will never wander away
It will be a day of joy inexpressible, time without end and we will be there

Clay Corvin