Five a.m. in Rome and we are preparing to go, foreigners in a beautiful land
People up and on their way, packed, snacked and to the bus
Short jump to the train for boarding and travel to the north
All around us people who belong, not seeing what we see
Failing to hear and see the opera of life displayed for us

Memories fill our mind, heart speak if you will, overwhelmed
Not knowing what lies ahead but encouraged by what we’ve done
This place of poet’s dreams, this land so often spoken of in God’s Word
Now here we are a part of its history already jumping in to its future
The train station big and foreboding, sounds, smells, unique

What must we do to accomplish the Lord’s goal for us?
So many at home depending on our presence and prayers
What can we see for them, take back to them and be for them?
Questions pull us away from the focus, we are to be
This is the time, now is the moment, pray, experience, enjoy

Romans will be our special experience together, where two or more gather
Daily devotionals will help us experience and see His handiwork
All of those we meet and rejoice with will change, Jesus is in us creating
Around the bend is an experience we can personalize in film and writing
The train is loading and we are on our way, backing, backing, away

The speed will be a new experience, we will laugh and talk and rest
Then we will arrive in Venice, off the train and onto the boat
An island paradise different than anything we have seen, beauty
Pictures, walks, talks, meals, shops, canals, cold, it will be our day
Our day, our time, the Lord is here with us and now it is Five A.M.

Clay Corvin    1/3/08