Population in this treasured isle has dropped more than one-half since 1966
For four hundred years the world listened to its guidance
Finally corruption had its way and the mighty Venice was no more
Today the average age of its citizen is over sixty

High cost, low expectations, children leaving, water rising, floods a way of life
It’s tough, such pretty buildings and breathtaking scenery
History magnificent and churches majestic, still some great hotels
Its glory is fading fast, its future will not last, it will be gone

What can we learn from this, life is quick, days are hard, without Jesus we don’t last
It doesn’t matter what we make, the history we unroll, death is sure
Our future is with Jesus, in Him we are secure
Build your life with others in mind, invest in all you can, giving is the key

Grab the future by giving up self and surrendering your confidence
Let the Lord have your heart and mind, give Him your ego
Develop your heart, love is blind, people need Jesus but they must see Him in us
Drop the façade, give all you have, living is in Christ

Clay Corvin