Jesus knocks, we ask Him in, He is alive in us
We reside, He provides, Spiritual sustenance we desperately need

Waiting, impatient though we are, we forget-forget-forget
He provides, His timetable, We desire and wait

So much happens, We in anger and frustration throw it out, Disappointed
Jesus calls us to Himself, Why are you angry? Why did that frustrate you?

Do you not know, I have your interest at heart, cultivate thankfulness
Learn to be still, Know me, Listen as I talk of My love for you

Anxieties, Depression, Hate-all a result of demanding, fast paced lifestyles
Learn to wait upon Me, Let me teach you to be gentle, willingly live with your uneasiness

We straddle two worlds, This world smacks us down, His world beckons us to come to Him
Patience is a virtue, Waiting develops nerves of steel, Gratitude nourishes as we wait

Look to Jesus, Let Him show you the way, His love encourages and strengthens
You cannot do it on your own, Waiting requires a focus on Jesus, Developing a confidence not seen

Faith in His Word, Life in His presence, Waiting upon Him
We grow, We serve, We love, Jesus uses us and it enables us to see Him in our waiting

Humble fear, the Holy One is near, Come Lord Jesus
We rejoice, Your birth, Your life, We hear YOU

Looking beyond our comfort, Caring for the alien and stranger, the orphan and widow
Blessings shower us, Service, Purpose, Praying, We know You better as we are waiting

Sin and death surround us, Who can deliver us, Only One-Jesus
He uses us as we are waiting, We are lost in our service, Working out our purpose

We are our brother’s keeper, We accept the burden of pain life brings, Waiting
Waiting fully confident that today is the day, Waiting knowing that He fulfills every prayer

Lord Jesus come and be with us, Be my brother Holy One, Be with me as I struggle with my sin
Make me holy and pure, Create in me a clean heart, I am waiting Lord to be with You
Clay Corvin December 12, 2015