2015-11-25 10.13.55Genealogy is for mankind, to prove the relationship of Christ the Messiah
Written from Joseph’s side, Jesus the adopted son
Descendent of Abraham, Descendent of David

Tamar the assertive one, unconventional, demanded a child
Er and Onan died, Judah lied, Tamar showed up on the roadside and conceived Judah’s child
God can use you, do what must be done, leave no stone unturned, Jesus is the one
Judah confessed his sin, Perez and Zerah born, God remembered Tamar

Rehab the harlot protected the spies, Salmon a prince of Israel took her as his wife
God’s grace transformed, Boaz born, the line continues, God is in control

An outsider came along, Ruth the Moabite, an evil nation, an incestuous Lot
Boaz married Ruth, Obed the father of Jesse the father of David
A living testimony to faith, Ruth’s loyalty rewarded by God
The outsider has a home, remembered by you and me

David knew Bathsheba, murdered Uriah, offended Ahitophel, the child dies
David punished, Solomon the second son, the grandfather Ahitophel inspires a rebellion
Israel suffers, too often the many suffer for the few, the geneaology continues
Jesus is born to an unmarried woman, Mary the Virgin, Joseph adopts him

God always keeps His word, we operate with a clouded view, God sees through
Godliness is never inherited, Godly Fathers have evil sons
Salvation is a choice, we must choose His free gift of eternal life in Jesus Christ the Messiah
God loves you, He loves you with an eternal love, Christ is calling you, now

Clay Corvin,
December 5, 2015