Christmas Three Ways – Luke 2:1-20

God chose His way-a baby was born-His name was Jesus
He is God with us-God’s way-a process He chose
Prophecies detail His birth-Isaiah, Micah, Jeremiah and others
A descendant of Jesse, a descendant of King David
The birth of Jesus was not done in a vacuum

God was concerned about our Lostness-all have sinned-all fall short of God’s glory
We are desperately in need of a Savior-dead in our trespasses-blind in our sin
An amazing thing that God has done-coming to Earth to save us
The World is a callous place-people hurting-society a disgrace
Jesus came that everyone of us might have life-an abundant life-but we must choose

Jesus born in a crowded place-dark streets-dark town
Kids, livestock, people coming and going-noise of the ordinariness of life
No one knew what was about to happen-it was just another day
The crying child Jesus heralded the way-proclaiming I’m here
Shepherds, sheep, conversation then the Angel-Do not be afraid he said

The shepherds cringed with fear-Good News for all man-a savior born in Bethlehem
Suddenly the Heavenly Host Appeared-Glory to God in the highest
Let us go straight to Bethlehem the Shepherds said
Along the way looking for the child-to all they said the Messiah is here
Retelling a hundred times-the story of the Angel and Heavenly Host

Finally they found the child-He is here-born in a manger
Good news for all of us-God has come to save us-they really didn’t understand
But they told everyone-declared to all-our Savior is born in Bethlehem
Glory to God-Glory to God-Glory to God-a ragged group of believers
Everyone was stunned at what had happened-they would talk about it for decades

Nothing like this had every happened – Bethlehem a little backwater town, out of Jerusalem’s sight
Scripture foretold this event-not a surprise to those who sought God
The fact that everyone in the story is ordinary-just folks-blinded the sight of the wise
Messiah has come-Jerusalem the city God loves did not know He was here
Pivot of history-everything changes-God is here-God is among us-WE ARE LOVED
Clay Corvin December 19, 2015