Christ came as a servant

To show that God was true

The realization of promises made to me and you

He remembered


Jesus is able to deal with real life

I will have trouble

It will include pain and heartache

Failure will occur often

Today is the only day I have

Jesus will never leave me


I want my life to change

The pain, the evil, the bad

Almost too much to handle

But God came for a time such as this

He gives us the power to change

He breaks the bondage to sin

Christ makes our life valuable


My experience may be negative

My relationships may be poor

Jesus changes everything

He puts us on a new course

He gives us value and worth

We discover the joy of giving


I am always going to be who I am

My experiences will always be mine

But I will always be part of the human race

The things I experience happens to others

I am not deprived or a victim


Christ will never leave me

Jesus will meet my needs

I can become the person Christ created me to be

I can celebrate my value

Because the Lord set me free


One day soon life will end-everyone will die

Then I will see what Christ began

Face to face no dark glass

Jesus the Lord cares for me


Clay Corvin 8/20/02