We are called to fellowship with Christ, Jesus is life
Reality or ruse, we decide by the way we live
My willingness to confront the things I do
Those in fellowship have fellowship, simple and true

A living relationship with Christ is the foundation
Spending time with Jesus, letting Him guide me
Trusting the Holy Spirit to connect me, keep me in Christ
Jesus is the light, He provides the common life united in Him for me

Am I willing? Do I surrender myself to Him? Is there a change in me?
The canary in the coal mine – how I treat those I know and live with
If I don’t love my fellow man (or woman), I don’t have a relationship
Living a life steeped in sin cuts me off from Christ, repentance and renewal required

All of us by the grace of God share in the life of Christ
The greatest battle I face every moment every hour is sin
Always seeking to rule me, destroy me, claim my every waking moment
Intruding in my dreams, sin is now and always seeking a hold on me

I am called to the battle, deal with myself, HOW?
Recognize that I have no reserve of strength that will get me through the little sins
When the big sins strike I kneel to Christ is evil’s lie
I must do all things in Christ, Jesus is everything

Christ calls me to time with Him, time necessary to get my attention
Reading His Word, thinking about what it says, applying it to my life
Every minute, every hour surrendered to Him, longingly, desperately seeking Him
Lord I can do nothing without YOU, then I know I’m walking in the light

Jesus is light and life, all that I am and will become is bound up in Him
The Christian life isn’t a little me and a lot of Jesus, it is all Jesus
My heart attitude is Christ focused, my daily walk is Christ directed
Lord guide me is my plea, I walk and I live in thee, Jesus is Lord.

Clay Corvin
March 3, 2018