Come to Jesus – He is the way, the truth and the life
Everything changes in the instant you repent of your sin
Ask Christ to come into your heart and save you

Change of purpose – your life is turned over to God
Now you will serve the Lord – every moment, every hour, every day
It’s permanent – can’t live in the world and follow God

Salvation – No longer dead in your trespasses and sin
Alive in Jesus – new birth – a new creature in Jesus
A gift from the Lord so that no one can boast

Justified – no longer at war with God
New life brings peace with God
Real joy birthed in this new life-Alive in Jesus

Adopted – removed from the world
Now belong in God’s family – we are His
The Lord brought us unto Himself in Christ Jesus

Redeemed from the sin and evil of the world
No longer in chains to sin
The death of Christ on the Cross paid the price for our sin

New life in Christ – sanctification
The process of holiness begins
God is faithful and He will do it

God calls us to give Him our bodies-no longer copy the world
Consecration begins and it is a surrender of our will to His will
He changes the way we think – We learn His ways

In the blink of an eye Salvation is accomplished
We begin with Jesus, Grow with Jesus and are on the way to Jesus
Jesus is God’s everything – HE saves us completely

Clay Corvin
June 30, 2018
Preparation for Bethel Community Baptist Church