TRUTH Eph 1:3-12

New in Christ
Raised from death
I belong
God has a hold on me
Jesus is my Lord

His truth echoes throughout eternity
Christ is His way
Christ is His truth
Christ is THE savior
Jesus is my Lord

God is a gracious Lord
He gives us all the grace we need
His grace overflows us
His grace indwells us
Jesus is my Lord

Bought with a price before the foundation of the world
Redeemed from Satan’s hold
Beyond the Evil One’s reach
Jesus has won the victory
Jesus is my Lord

United with Christ, a member of God’s family
Speaking to Him so that I can deal with daily strife
Giving my heart to Him, He knows me and cares for me
He marks my path, He provides my victory, His way is LIFE
Jesus is my Lord

His work is done in me
Growing into Christ likeness is my joy
He uses me, to be His hands and feet
I am the only Jesus many will see
Jesus is my Lord

One day soon I will stand face to face
Christ will hold my hand
Father this is our child Christ says
Welcome the Father declares
Jesus is my Lord

Clay Corvin March 24, 2012