Jesus is God’s final word
He is the A to Z
The alpha and omega
Christ is the one
He is God’s ONLY ONE

He created all things-everything starts with HIM
All worlds
All matter
You and me
Jesus knows what we need

We begin with Jesus
We grow with Jesus
Jesus guides us through our life
Jesus will never let us go
One day we will return to Christ our Lord

Jesus is the Son of God
He always was with God
He is the exact image of God
He was there with God before there was anything
Christ is Lord

We worship Jesus
He is worthy of all of our devotion
He is the ONE
We are to serve Him
He gives us the value and worth we are seeking, He is God

Jesus is behind all things
He knows all things
He gave His life for us
He rose from the dead by the power of God
He loves us and came looking for us, Jesus saves
Clay Corvin 3/31/12