He lived our life of pain and strife, knowing what we face
Jesus was our sacrifice; He paid our price so we would have life
He died for us, raised by the power of God, He lives for us

He is our living savior, ministering to us, living in us
Interceding with the Father, forgiving us
Calling us to be partners in ministry, we are His hands and feet

We are not alone, all our troubles Christ will own, He knows our pain
He gives His life, peace, love and hope; a different way of life
Life eternal, no shadow from our past, confidence today, no fear for tomorrow

Christ abides, equipping us to change, to be like Him
We will suffer, Christ suffers with us
Life will be worthwhile, Jesus gives us His victory

Nothing can destroy us, we belong to God
Christ is our elder brother, He is our strength, He shows us the way
Hope becomes real, life has a purpose, we live because He lives in us

Great is His faithfulness, He never wearies of our life
Jesus is Lord every minute and it isn’t based on our deeds
Christ is our living hope, Jesus is alive, He is alive in you and me

Clay Corvin 4/7/12