How quickly forgotten, lessons learned
Disasters fade quickly from the mind
Now old thoughts and pains
Revived anew to live again
I am just as scared as I was then
Maybe even more
For my age is beginning to show
Frankly I am depressed

Faith is called for
Memories of the miracles worked before
Yet our hearts know what a sordid sort we are
Doubt takes control and seeps into my soul
Now I’m just as scared as I was then
I begin to shake, rattle and roll
My life is all a mess, woe is me, why
From His heart He calls, come to Me and I will give you rest

My arguments begin as time unfolds
A long ride from the storm
Fears chiding my mind
What ifs taking my time
I have bequeathed control
To the one who would waste my soul
Stop I proclaim in Jesus name I am free
Taking my eyes off the world and putting them on You, Lord

Clay Corvin