How many miles does it take to make a life?
Can it be done in a day?
Wiling life away, a foolish idea or mistake
A life wasted never to reveal the plan
Written in at birth
By the Lord of value and worth

For me it is at least sixty years
Some days have been low mileage
Others have been extra ordinarily long miles
Rode hard and put up wet
Wringing all of each hour
At the end of the day my soul proclaims success

Competing for who is more important
I vow my strength, only to be taken down by flu
People are quite weak and foolish
I pray for ending well
No sad and evil tale
Life takes the miles we use

Pray for the poor, the widow and the tot
Disadvantaged lot
They look to us
What would God require of you?
Your life and the things you do
You count and Christ enables you to do your part

Clay Corvin 9/2/08