Jesus Christ rose from the dead

A sinless life to pay my debt

He is alive today and will show us the way

Repent and be baptized and follow Christ’s way

Is the Gospel relevant?  What is your life worth?  

It is a way of life, coming to Christ, following the Creator’s command


The Word of God stands true

Christ is the truth and we can follow Him and His Word

When we were dead in our trespasses and sin Christ died for us

Jesus is our sure foundation, HE alone died for us

His way gives us life and truth: He values people

We know the Lord and He knows us: Jesus is the only way to the Father


For God so loved the world that He willingly gave His son for us

Just like Jesus we are called to suffer for a dying world

We spend more time with Him

Jesus builds us into a Godly man or woman, Christ desires our growth

He gives us a purpose for living

A glad heart, His praise upon our lips, His hope nourishing us


Now thru a glass darkly but one day face to face

Our hope is in Jesus, He never leaves us, Christ is with us

We have joy in the midst of our troubles

His power equips us to stand in the face of evil

Consistently giving us what we need and cannot earn, His grace is always new and fresh

God the Father has given us eternal life and this life is in His Son: the relevant Gospel


Clay Corvin      June 30, 2012