When trouble comes, it will and does
What will you do, to survive and move forward?
Will you rely on family ties, money, job, or fame?
Will you pray?  Will God answer?  What would God say?  

Our Father, God, has spoken in Jesus Christ
He is the way, the truth and life-Jesus is the only way to the Father
He says He loves us and will stand with us
To prove His love He died for us so that we might have forgiveness for sin

Christ is our Savior and He brings us mercy from God
Mercy is the Lord’s characteristic way He deals with His children
The Lord speaks comfort to us-He will bind up our wounds-He cares for you and me
When trouble comes Jesus seeks to comfort us in our affliction

Jesus is our resource when trouble comes-no matter what kind of trouble it is
Jesus seeks to help us-His comfort comes to us-Greater the problem-Greater the comfort
He provides the resource we need so that we can glorify the Father
As we go forward we will comfort those in need as we ourselves were comforted

Will trouble come our way?  Yes
What do we do with our troubles?  Turn to Jesus
Jesus delivers us from our trouble or He will see us through them
When trouble comes the only way is with Jesus

Clay Corvin    6/23/12