Forgiven by Christ, empowered by God, filled with the Holy Spirit
Speaking as God wants, living life to the fullest, each day knowing His presence
Christ is the only true God, Father-Son-Holy Spirit, three in one, the only ONE

Once enemies of the Lord God, blind to the Spirit, dead in my trespasses and sin
Christ gave new life, His life, on-going and constantly renewing, never to be taken away
Jesus is Lord, Lord of the past, present and future, He will never leave me alone

God rules by grace, He is our friend, the Christ centered life is daily growing
Seeking to know Him more, seeking to be used by Jesus, seeking to partner in His work
What Jesus does is what we can do, He loves His creation, making all things new

Fear is constantly receding, there is no fear in Jesus, and Christ gives us confidence
Instead we are controlled by love, giving is our mindset, how can I help is our watchword
Let His work begin with me, Use me up Lord Jesus, an offering of sacrifice to the Father

His love comforts me in the difficulties of life, failure is ever present, victory is our foundation
My time with Him increases, devotional time my strength, He speaks and I listen
His Word, His presence, His promises empower me, His righteousness my peace

Cry out Christ says, tell the world, my yoke is easy my burden is light
Let them know that Jesus brings meaning and value to life, Christ is the bright morning star
He is praiseworthy, the Lamb of God who takes away the sin of the world, kneel before Jesus

Christ is the wisdom of God, we are a chosen race, forgiven and birthed in His world
Earth is not our home, we are just passing through, all of us are called to tell about Jesus
We are reliable witnesses, changing the world with God’s Word, Jesus is coming soon

Clay Corvin July 7, 2012