God is good, God is great, His wonders are incomparable, sing His praises, God is great
See His wonderful miracles, tell everyone about them, our God loves us, Jesus is His name
No other name by which mankind is saved, Jesus, Jesus the Lord, Lord God Almighty
Seek the Lord, Seek Him everyday, Seek Him every waking moment, He is worthy
We are needy, Jesus the Lord meets our every need, Seek the Lord
Write down what Jesus does, keep a list, Remember it, Share it, Jesus the Lord is Wonderful
The Lord calls us His children, not just as a group, He knows my name, He is my God
Jesus makes us 7,000 plus promises in the Bible including a covenant promise, He is our God
He will Keep each promise, He will not forget us, His love for us is all consuming
Jesus protects us, While we are awake, While we are asleep, He is with us all the time
Jesus is our Savior, He came for us to live among us, He died for us, The Father raised Him from the grave
Jesus paid the price for our sin, He gives us the free gift of relationship in God’s family, He saves us
He is actively involved in my life, Involved in your life, Nothing can separate us from Jesus
Jesus the Lord is God, Fully God, Fully man, He is coming back one day in judgment, Fear the Lord
Christ created us, He created us in His image, He created us in love, Jesus loves you and me
God is worthy of all HONOR AND MAJESTY, He shares with us His strength and joy
Our God is strong enough to save us unto eternity, Nothing surprises Jesus, He knows all about us
He knows what has happened in our life, He knows what will happen in our life, Jesus is Lord
He reigns, He is king of the universe, Over all things, Creator of all things
O Lord God Almighty, Wonderful God, Mighty God, Save us, make us your children forever, AMEN

Clay Corvin July 14, 2012