Soldiers tough as leather
Used to brutal days
Bruised our Lord Jesus
God had decreed

Bloodied our precious Savior
Who stood a silent watch
As all our sins came on Him
I deserved what He got

The mob of people cursed Him
Barabbas for them their plea
The Lord knew what would happen
Still He died for me

Walking to Golgotha
His strength drained away
Simon from Cyrene
Came to the Savior that day

Women stayed to see Him
They watched as He died
A gruesome fate I gave Him
Sin walked by my side

Then He died to save me
Carried to His grave
The women watched old Joseph
As He carried Him away

Pilate was a player
Rome was watching Him
He feared the Sanhedrin
He joined us in our sin

Now we know the story
The Father raised my Lord
Jesus paid my ticket
Christ has set me free

CC 11/06/04