Driven to her knees
Alone with God
Courage to stay and pray
Aware that Jesus was there
Refusing to run away

Listening as the Lord speaks
She never stops her work
Willing to risk dying
That Jesus might be heard

Living in defiance
Of the scruples of the world
Resting all her faith
On the Lord’s precious Word
That called her with Him
Going to the poor
Standing at their door
Even if they roared
The Lord is in control

Today is the time of faith
She knows it so well
And all the things she’s doing
Bring glory and honor to Christ
His love evidenced by her sacrifice

Mother, daughter, wife, servant of the Lord
Descriptive titles of her life
Lived each day with courage
Despite sins desperate hate
Of one who lives beneath His hand
Loving those sin hates
Jesus is her Lord

Clay Corvin 11/07/04