Icy gaze of evil
Marching Christ to death
The religious leaders hated
While love was in their midst

Wrongly accusing
Twisted with sin and lust
The religious men were troubled
Holding God with disgust

Fighting against His presence
Refusing to bend frozen knees
Pointing death’s cold finger
The cross was all they could see

Once the Christ was destroyed
No one could question them
They would be the rulers
God would be pleased with them

In their evil furor
They forgot one thing
The Scriptures presented Jesus
They refused God’s lamb

Playing out their hatred
The Romans did their will
Satan claimed a victory
Only it was very short-lived

Jesus burst from evil
Resurrected from the grave
The Lord of hosts was the victor
No grave could ever hold Him

This king of kings is living
I name Him as my Lord
Jesus is my Savior
His victory is my sword

CC 11/05/04