He was in excruciating pain, and His mistreatment was outrageous
They crucified Him, heaping great dishonor upon Him
The priests were so whipped up they forgot the start of the feast
At the third hour they were monitoring His crucifixion

He died on the cross
Joseph of Arimathea asked for His body
Instead of being buried with thieves
Jesus was buried in a nobleman’s tomb

Mary Mary came to make sure Joseph had properly attended to Jesus
They worried about the stone, but it was rolled away
They looked in the tomb and were astonished
He has risen the Angel said, Christ had defeated death

Celebrate His victory
Our lovely Lord Jesus has defeated death
Father, Son and Holy Ghost are One
Christ came to show us the way, His love changes us

Go and tell what you have seen
The Lord is risen indeed
He is alive and lives today
Seated at the right hand of the Father

Let this great victory excite you
Christ in you is true joy
His power in you is able
His victory is for your life

Clay Corvin April 11, 2009